Date & Location

Reichwald Health Sciences Center, 1088 Discovery Ave. Kelowna, BC. Canada. V1V 1V7 . Room: RHS 260

First Day: December 3 (8:00 – 17:00)Second Day: December 4 (8:30 – 17:00)


2018 CCMB Participants

This two-day workshop was open to all faculty, students, and industry members (from all disciplines) who aimed to learn about cloud computing basics and applications (Day 1). Day 2 was more specialized for those who aimed to get familiar with basics of bioinformatics approaches for 16S rRNA gene profiling. These events included both hands-on sessions as well as invited talks from academia and industry. A total of 41 attendees were present at this workshop. These individuals were both from academic and industry backgrounds. Individuals from academic backgrounds included professors, postdocs, and graduate students from diverse fields of biology, math, applied math, engineering, econometrics, chemistry, computer science, general science, statistics, and other. See Official UBC MMRI Release.


Dr. Sepideh PakpourUBCBiomedical Microbiome Research Workshop Chair

Dr. Steven HallamUBCOceans of Information

Dr. Feng ChenUBCCloud Computing Basic Concepts

Dr. Homayoun NajjaranUBCAI and the Cloud

Dr. Sean GibbonsInstitute for Systems Biology, USAControlling Sequencing Batch Effects for 16S rDNA

Dr. Christian DienerInstitute for Systems Biology, USAQiime II 16S rDNA

Dr. Jean Sebastian LegareUBCCloud Computing Basic Concepts

Dr. Artur RodriguesAWSCloud Computing by Amazon Web Services

Thank you all for attending!